Pawel Groshkover ( Poland)........

Jedna z najlepszych modelek, z jakimi do tej pory pracowałem! Profesjonalna w 100%, sympatyczna, bardzo pomocna, kreatywna podczas zdjęć. W ciągu 2 godzin zrealizowaliśmy materiał planowany na 4 godziny. Dziękuję Faith i do zobaczenia przy kolejnych projektach! :)


One of the best models I've ever worked with! Professional for 100%, nice, very helpful, creative during photos. Within 2 hours we did the photos planned for 4 hours. Thank you Faith and see you on next projects! :)

Florian Weiler (Germany).....

Thank you very much Faith for being such a great model on my recent workshop. I really like your kind and friendly nature as well as your professional and highly motivated manner. Working with you was a great pleasure and I am very happy about our results. Thanks again and hope to meet you again soon. Florian

Joachim Bergauer (Salzburg, Austria)......

Faith  ist sicherlich eines von den Modellen die selbst den 

grössten Anforderungen entspricht. Sie kann genau die Vorstellungen umsetzen, 

die ein Fotograf braucht. 

Die Anmut und die Form ist selbst für Hobby und Semiprofessionelle Fotografen ein

Traum. Aus einem Shooting kann man mehrere Frauen generieren. Das alles

bekommt man von Faith. 

Benny Rytter Photography (Denmark)

At last it happend.


I have been waiting for Faith for almost a year. There was no doubt in my mind, when I saw her portfolio, that Faith was able to produce images of my liking, so I needed to work with Faith. 


After a while we succeeded finding time in the schedule that worked for both of us, so Faith visited me first weekend in November. Her precom is top notch.


First things first, Faith is a fabulous coworker when it comes to cater for a high class 1-2-1 event with visiting photographers, she has fabulous people skills, has outstanding stamina and is able to find every photographers special style and adapt to that, she is so very versatile, that it is a gift.


Faith excel in many classes of model photography and do excellent in each and every of them, making the variation in captured images very broad, this gives visiting photographers so many options that they are spoiled. 


But more important, you need to book Faith more than once, at least, to try to exploit the full potential of Faith Starr. So I have, of course, already booked Faith again.


Faith is easy going, has great sense of humor, and has great communication skills, both as a model and when the job is done and it is time for dinner, I would host Faith anytime.


For my own works I was happy to learn that Faith understood some of my ideas and helped me develop these, by being a great partner for the image making, she was able to understand/comprehend when I tried to explain what feelings I wanted to achieve.


I felt we worked fantastic as a team and we succeeded. Faith also have a genuine interest for making compelling and good images, to me that is a huge bonus.


I look forward to my next exhibition where I have already prepared some of our works, from what I have received of feedback already, Faith will "rock the boat".


Faith is absolutely highly recommended, I wouldn't hesitate a nano second - book her if she is available, not tomorrow.....today.

Jan Blasko Photography (Slovakia)

"I was photographing with Faith first time, and it was awesome. Faith has a lot of own ideas, outfits, poses, expressions. She is fully professional, prepared, open for photographer ideas. So, perfect. I enjoyed very much the time with her. We did a lot of photos. Thanks a lot for cooperation Faith. It was great."

Carl Grim Photography (UK)

Faith is a remarkable model - easy to work with and fun - my wife even liked her !

I recently had the great pleasure of spending a day with Faith in and around my home. While I have worked with her on three previous occasions, this was our first full day together. Faith has a stunningly beautiful body - that dark brown skin has a beautiful sheen and is practically flawless. Her hair is unique and works particularly well when back lit.

Faith has a broad range of outfits - I only got around to exploring the first layer or two in her very large suit case.

We spent the day shooting a bit of fashion and a lot of art nude - she is highly skilled in both genres.

Most importantly, Faith is passionate - she has depth of character, gets emotionally involved in the shoot and goes all out to get the best possible images. I like her and will work with her many more times in the future.

Ernst Bernadus Photography (Netherlands)

Amazing model, great actress, wonderful personality. We worked together many times. Faith is more to me then a model, we call eachother friends. Working with Faith is fun with incredible photography results. Faith has a personality she can change any moment, very, very versatile. 

Next to this Faith is reliable , has a smile and a big laugh every moment of the day.

Thomas Berlin....(Frankfurt)

It was our third shooting because of the nice results and the pleasent collaboration from the past. Faith is a talented model and a nice person, and working with her was a pleasure again.

Tobias Vogel Photography......

Vielen Dank auch dir für das tolle Shooting. Bald gibt es jede Menge tolle Ergebnisse. Danke für deine Professionalität. Es war alles perfekt, viele Outfits, tolles selbstständiges Posing, Pünktlich usw. immer wieder gerne .